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2019 Underway - Onward - Colorado Auction
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2019 is now well under way.  On with the show and good health to you...

Looks like more madness ahead.

I'm very thankful for the few voices that step up and try to put things in perspective. We need more reasonableness (is that a word) and non-partisan voices. In spite of personal views or feelings, I wish more of us were listening to and paying attention to the other side's views. Might be good for all of us to get out of our comfort and support zones, and let the heart guide us in what we think and in what we do.   

(DHNM gets off soapbox)

AUCTION: Looks like another Boulder home will be selling soon regardless of highest bid. Never having ruled out moving back to Colorado, I like to watch the absolute auctions in the area. Never know when "the perfect dream property" will show up on the blocks... This won't work as my new DREAM HOME, but enjoyed doing the research...


Best Wishes for a great year going out to all of us sharing the 3rd stone from the sun..  

Onward Through the Fog... DHNM

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