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New Year. New Office. New Look.
01/04/2017 12:06 PM

2017 has arrived, and my official transfer to My Real Estate Company is complete.

My Broker License is now officially moved and updated, and I am happy to let you know that Paul and Rosalee are new members of the DreamHomeNewMexico, Dream Team.

Paul is a Master of Property Mangement and Rentals. Rosalee is a Staging Specialist. Both are top notch Realtors and as you would expect from all "Dream Teamer"s, they will help you meet (and exceed) your real estate goals.

I look forward to continuing to be your source for reliable property information and for responsible real estate services - regardless of your experience or needs. Whether you are buying or selling, or wanting to go it alone, I'm here to help.

Please stop by the office and meet your local professional team. Looking forward to touching base.


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