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Mo Wall - ALB Journal
01/22/2019 08:50 AM

Border Wall Update - Not on New Mexico land

NM takes legislative steps and makes stand for NOT wasting NM resources or degrading NM State land.

New Mexico - Not New Not Mexico

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Border Visit
01/22/2019 08:21 AM

Recent Border visit by the USA (currently Republican) Administration brings to light immediate "crisis" issues.

Current admin likes to speak of the shithole countries to our South. The Prez, like most in the Republican administration, need a geography lesson (to go along with some past due history lessons Republican supporters must have skipped).

Remember folks that it's New Mexico. It's Not New and it's Not Mexico.

Reporting from the front lines of BWII...

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Toilet Seat Left Up Again
01/15/2019 11:02 AM

Got a good laugh out of this one. Borrowed from "friend's" social media timeline.


An exaggeration obviously from my perspective.

However, on rare occasion, what is shown here is waaaay too close to a personal reality.

FYI - Haven't left seat up in years.....

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Critical Thinking - Cheatsheet borrowed
01/15/2019 10:56 AM

Food for Thought. Hungry?

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Wall Design. Not New and Not Mexico
01/10/2019 07:50 AM


The Don's latest updated location for the new wall. (Spoof)

Have to keep those damn"New" Mexicans from raping and pillaging like the Old Mexicans do. The citizens of the USA demand protection from the enemy that lives nest door...Dumb Shit fror brains at the Top

Oh well. Hope folks get a better handle on US Geography (having a clue would help) than does our fearful leader.

Note from NM: In spite of what the X-governor states, we have no immediate crisis on our border.

Yet the administration insists: " Gotta have a steel wall or barrier of some kind.. Cause: MS13, rapists, terrorists, (non corporate mfg.) drugs, basically bad folks all around. Record apprehensions ahead. "

Gimme a beaded curtain. Shoiuld work about as well as a wall for stopping drug flow.

How do we get some help stopping the flow of corporate inspired legal drugs which have us reeling as a country?

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Border Crisis.... or Not
01/09/2019 09:35 AM

Pics courtesy of NYT.... 

Click  for published story

New Mexican's are actively looking for terrorists, and are patiently waiting for the invasion to start. Since the time that the imminent crisis was first announced by our Administration, sandbag, hay, and wagon barriers have been constructed. Patriots for a Well Armed Militia are standing with patriotic New Mexicans and are hunkered down behind nearly every tree along our border with Mexico.

This looks like fake news. Dont let the appearance of "normality" in this border town fool you. Don't believe your eyes and ears, We are in danger even if we fail to find proof of any issue or location of the invading terrorist hordes.

There are 1000's of evil people crossing the open space.

Protect us from the evil demons from the south. 

                                                     Violence along New Mexico border. Invaders Use Klingon cloaking                 

Can someone please help your NM Militia find the enemy? We know they are close and that we are in imminent danger (Our President told us so). However locating the hordes of violent terrorists is proving difficult. Damn their technology. It seems we need GPS coordinates or a politician to lead us. 

FYI. Columbus / Palomas is a fun day trip from Silver City (100 miles or so from border). Good food, good drink, quality health, medical , and pharmacy care. But it is hard to find a local terrorist - even when you want to find one.   

                       Fence as constructed near Columbus - in place

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2019 Underway - Onward - Colorado Auction
01/08/2019 10:25 AM

2019 is now well under way.  On with the show and good health to you...

Looks like more madness ahead.

I'm very thankful for the few voices that step up and try to put things in perspective. We need more reasonableness (is that a word) and non-partisan voices. In spite of personal views or feelings, I wish more of us were listening to and paying attention to the other side's views. Might be good for all of us to get out of our comfort and support zones, and let the heart guide us in what we think and in what we do.   

(DHNM gets off soapbox)

AUCTION: Looks like another Boulder home will be selling soon regardless of highest bid. Never having ruled out moving back to Colorado, I like to watch the absolute auctions in the area. Never know when "the perfect dream property" will show up on the blocks... This won't work as my new DREAM HOME, but enjoyed doing the research...


Best Wishes for a great year going out to all of us sharing the 3rd stone from the sun..  

Onward Through the Fog... DHNM

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