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Border Crisis.... or Not
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New Mexican's are actively looking for terrorists, and are patiently waiting for the invasion to start. Since the time that the imminent crisis was first announced by our Administration, sandbag, hay, and wagon barriers have been constructed. Patriots for a Well Armed Militia are standing with patriotic New Mexicans and are hunkered down behind nearly every tree along our border with Mexico.

This looks like fake news. Dont let the appearance of "normality" in this border town fool you. Don't believe your eyes and ears, We are in danger even if we fail to find proof of any issue or location of the invading terrorist hordes.

There are 1000's of evil people crossing the open space.

Protect us from the evil demons from the south. 

                                                     Violence along New Mexico border. Invaders Use Klingon cloaking                 

Can someone please help your NM Militia find the enemy? We know they are close and that we are in imminent danger (Our President told us so). However locating the hordes of violent terrorists is proving difficult. Damn their technology. It seems we need GPS coordinates or a politician to lead us. 

FYI. Columbus / Palomas is a fun day trip from Silver City (100 miles or so from border). Good food, good drink, quality health, medical , and pharmacy care. But it is hard to find a local terrorist - even when you want to find one.   

                       Fence as constructed near Columbus - in place

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