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2016 Rule Changes - NM Real Estate
12/06/2016 10:51 AM

2016: Rule Changes
The Commission did adopt a new rule requiring that the qualifying broker’s contact information, including license number, be clearly and conspicuously displayed on any written document generated by the brokerage.

Associate brokers and associate broker teams will be required to display in all forms of advertising the name and telephone number of the brokerage with which they are affiliated in a type size not less than 33 percent of the associate broker or team name. Directional signs, such as those pointing to an open house, are exempt from the requirement.

The new rules break down broker duties to distinguish between those duties owed to customers and clients, tenants, other parties to the transaction, and/or other brokers. Although there are many similarities among the duties owed, including an expansion of the current duty of honesty and reasonable care to add “professional and ethical conduct”, key differences and changes include:

• “Active participation” by brokers in assisting their client or customer in complying with the terms and conditions and closing of a contract, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

• Advice to clients and customers and tenants to seek legal advice regarding the effectiveness, validity, or consequences of any express written agreement they are required to sign.

• Written disclosure by brokers to tenants that the broker is the exclusive agent of the property owner in a residential property management transaction. The rules will be amended in several places to specify the exclusive agency relationship between residential property managers and property owners, and will make the rules consistent with the Uniform Owner Resident Relations Action.

• Non-interference with a purchase agreement or any express written agreement that another broker has with their client or customer.

NEW**** VOW****The Commission also created a definition for a “virtual brokerage office” in response to a comment that while the Commission was implementing a rule that addressed license display requirements for virtual offices, it did not define a virtual office. Courtesy of Google, the new definition of a virtual brokerage office is one that “provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space.”

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Virtual Office Defined
12/06/2016 10:41 AM

New Mexico View










I Love New Mexico Views



The Commission created a definition for a “virtual brokerage office” in
response to a comment that while the Commission was implementing a rule that
addressed license display requirements for virtual offices, it did not define a virtual

 Courtesy of Google, the new definition of a virtual brokerage office is one
that “provides communication and address services without providing dedicated
office space.”

"Consumer choice should not be restricted by 'one size fits all' regulation."

Real estate brokers provide property listings to their customers in a variety of ways — in their offices or by mail, fax, or e-mail. Some brokers have begun offering their services to customers over the Internet, using VOWs, the Department said. VOWs are password-protected Internet sites that allow the broker's existing customers to search the MLS database on their own to obtain the same information that would be available from a traditional broker.

Delivering listings over the Internet gives web-savvy consumers more control over their search for a home, allowing them to educate themselves about their options at their own pace and on their own time, the Department said. This allows brokers to reduce the time that their agents spend searching the MLS database or showing homes the customer dislikes. Because the Internet can be used to deliver brokerage services more efficiently — resulting in better service and lower costs to consumers — brokers who utilize the Internet represent a competitive challenge to traditional brokers, the Department added.

All brokers advertise their business to attract prospective clients, but VOWs themselves are not advertising, the Department's letter advised. A VOW broker's customer can access the information distributed by the VOW only after establishing a customer relationship with the broker.

New Mexico MLS's currently have rules that prevent brokers from advertising another broker's listings without that broker's consent.

Visit Silver City. See what everyone is talking about. Homes for sale. Investment property. Multi family. Farm and Ranch. Land................ More Land.... Contact me for info on any property..


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Why the dog is happier
07/25/2016 01:12 PM

Happy Dog and slightly less happy human

And we are considered more wise..........

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"Over" Reaction
07/07/2016 10:33 AM


"If YOU are going to spew hate and post angry, racist, bigoted memes for me to see, while you are hoping to look cool and act like an intelligent thinking adult (which by insensitive and careless acts you prove that you are not), you are not worthy of friendship.

Facebook Hate is out of control (especially the recent madness about Hillary and Trump) and when You like and Share any hate memes and hate posts, YOU are encouraging division and separation at a time when the exact opposite is needed.

Please continue to show me loving pics of your 4 legged family, your new axe or amp, the found coin or nugget, even what you are having to eat, but I refuse to continue seeing hate on my news feed. I'm done with haters - if you even think for a second that I may be speaking about you or a post you put out there, what does it say?

Please stop it. Hate is not good for the world in any way. Enough said....." Anonymous Philosopher

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Free Guitar - Humor
06/30/2016 12:47 PM

The Rub:

My Honey packed my bags, and told me to "leave forever and to never come back".

As I walked out the front door, she screamed:

"I wish you a slow and a painful death, you sick bastard!"

Hmmmmm. So now she wants me to stay!


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5-25-2016 Realtor Tour - Cancelled
05/24/2016 03:25 PM

Just received notification that our MLS will not be holding Realtor Tour manana. Thought I'd look at archived photos from past tour events.

The president always takes the lead ride. Note the skill in handling mount (and beverage).

This is one of my favorites - from the Silver City New Mexico real estate archives.

The restart of the realtor tour and the normal spring upswing of business has us all excited about the next several months. Lots of opportunity for folks who really want to sell a property and for buyers willing to tackle the regulatory red tape to get financing and to get it done right. I have tools and knowledge to help you understand and comply with the common (and most of the uncommon) loan, deed transfer, and government guidelines.

2 things you need to know before stepping up to buy that dream home.

3 things that any seller should consider before listing their property for sale.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you in any way.... aarcher


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Silver City Blues Festival 2016 (photos from 2015)
05/13/2016 09:58 AM

Folks are getting excited about the upcoming BEST FREE SHOW IN NEW MEXICO..

Link to Event and Schedule

Last years headline act.

A few fans showing appreciation

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Venting on a SunDazed Morning
05/01/2016 09:51 AM

Venting while Sundazed and confused.

This is an illegal Branded Image according to ZilloH and Truly a disaster..

Oh Zillow Oh Trulia, Oh how you let me down with your light finger techniques. Basically what you (and about 100 others) do amounts to legal poaching.

At Issue here:

Agent Branding POLICY for listing images - which I feel actually helps paint a "true representation" of listing agent and listing office involved with a property - is now banned by policy at T&Z... NAR and Code of Ethics seems to be getting pushed back...

See my recently banned "branded" photo... Without the added personal agent branding in the photo, folks browsing "those" web sites most likely assume the agent name listed next to the display of a property listing is the true agent owner of the listing. How wrong is that misconception? The agent name next to my listing is one who paid the fee (the bribe) to get that misleading positioning.

Obviously, if these guys did not ban branding and if they continued to let me and other agents properly show ownership in this manner, it will hurt their ability to sell some gullible agent advertising to associate them with "my" listing. So the new policy (the "ban") was added which cloaks any attempt at providing the consumer with accurate listing agent information as the Code of Ethics requires.

Oh. FYI: these corporations are not members and have no code of Ethics requirement to protect consumers...

Here's the rub as we see it:

Silver City agents pay substantial fees to join, and we have ongoing membership fees as well. On top of this is an "unusual" special use fee to allow access to the MLS database which allows us to display member / subscriber listings online.

These bad guys (national companies) are not local and none pay members fees to either join the MLS or to use and access MLS data from our real estate coop here as we agents are required to do... Unlike our hard working members who own exclusive rights to sell, these guys get their data for free while we pay to play. This seems to be bordering on criminal.

There are still some MLS's (like ours) that charge members fees to be able to display the data on their own local websites, but who freely cooperate with national company's by giving them access to our data.

Something needs to be done across the board, since there are other local MLS Boards who have not taken a stand against the machine to protect agent's data, or to create a FAIR PLAYING FIELD from a FEE PERSPECTIVE.... It's not sensible to charge paying members and subscribers for use of their data while giving that same data away to outsiders who have no skin in the game and who use the free data for profit.

Most folks in the biz are shocked that we are getting charged for our own data,. and agree that MLS services should be banned from CHARGING Subscriber Agents added fees for IDX and RETS feeds (which is manner get to the data) .

Sad that we created these listings through our own hard work yet we "have to pay for database use" while watching others use it gratis.....

I believe that much like the inequality of 78% pay for women that this inequality needs to get fixed. Anyone else have thoughts on the subject post away as my weekend rant is over.

Enough said.

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Zill-oh Truly a Branding Ban
04/26/2016 09:32 AM

Zillow and Trulia "response" policy of not allowing personal branding within listing images takes it's toll.

Frankly, I understand why they dont like this as I feel the same way. Every time one of my listings gets pulled up, Z&T advertises for a paid "non listing agent" branding alongside "my" listing. 

This is not only offensive to me but to most hard working Realtors who resent our efforts being used to sell advertising to other Realtors using our listings as bait.

It's TRULIA worthy of fixing from a local / then at a national level.


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New Mexico - Find Your Dream Property
04/12/2016 06:13 AM

Looking for a new location? Find your new home in the Land o Enchantment.

Remember It's called New Mexico. It's part of the USA. Not New and Not Mexico

Come for a visit and see what all of the buzz is about.

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