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Energy Ratings Windows and Doors
09/30/2013 01:10 PM



With cooler weather ahead and with a real need for some new windows at the ranch, I thought this was a good time to research window upgrades. The tax credit may improve the timing of a purchase soon as well. The article demystifies "Energy Ratings" for the non-professional.. Hope you find it useful...


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Realtor Tour September 2013 "revisited"
09/18/2013 12:08 PM

No animals were hurt or mistreated in this "tounge in cheek" video*.

Video of the start of today's New Mexico Realtor Tour.

Looking at the location and considering that the tour leader doesn't seem to be carrying the normal "road supply" of liquid replacement cannisters, it looks to me like it will be a short n quick, EAST tour.

Definitely not adequately supplied for a Mimbres Tour.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must be on my way... glub...glub... (photo removed- see OCT posts)

  Garrando's Tavern owner ("G")  where pet pig resides - says his pig likes being ridden and often waits outside the watering hole door offering rides to riders bearing eatable treats. Bartering is alive and well in Grant County.


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Secure Authentisign now Available @ Dream Home New Mexico
08/28/2013 09:02 AM

Instanet Solutions has gone live for SCRMLS participants this morning.

Dream Home New Mexico has effectively fired up Instanet and have successfully run the secure signing engine.

All Real Living Hacienda Realty and Dream Team Customers will have free access with our full range of complementary professional Realtor Services.

My first test drive was the Authentisign feature, and it works flawlessly.

We'll continue to be able to sign all our documents electronically 

BUT without the terminally long delay associated with the other offered program we used.

Very sweet addition to the Dream Home New Mexico service offering.

This upgraded service will certainly make all of our lives easier.

NO need to worry about missing an important deadline the next time you travel.

Looks like Ive got another "test" document in my inbox to initial.

More Later. Enjoy the new website, the new tools, and another great day.


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New Site Features! We love them. You Will Too!
07/31/2013 09:34 AM

New Site Features (More to Come)

I know you are also excited about some of the new member features we have / and are adding.

The goal has been to make the site more useable as well as remain the premier and best search engine available for our area. (Please excuse the occasional hiccup as we finalize the install)

Dream Home New Mexico has listened and responded to your requests and valuable suggestions:

MEMBERS AREA: We now offer free memberships with several of the most requested features.

Membership is Free. BUT IS NOT REQUIRED.   So.. Unregistered users may still privately access all of the search tools plus links to buyer and seller tips, lending information, calculators, help files, and more.

Registration is quick and easy, and only requires valid email to confirm the account (and show that your are a human and not a spamtool).

Registered Friends can save any number of favorite property listings for easy online review. Pull up your favorites and see price changes or updates. Clicking on your member's Saved Favorites List will simplify your online review of potential properties you like.

You may also save customized searches that meet your specific requirements. Saved Searches, like saved favorite lists simplify the life of most of us who are Realtor professionals. Invaluable tools. (No need to re-enter property criteria everytime you visit, and you'll already be familiar with the property when your Realtor contacts you to go have a look or sends you information to review. Automated Hotsheets and Auto-email-notifications allow you to get the data pretty much at the same time as the local professionals.)

You can even setup an automatic email notification when a new listing that meets your search requirement is added to the MLS database.


My favorite addition here is the "search by text or keyword" box... Play with this one awhile, and you'll be a big fan too.


I won't be moving the old blog to this location so these are the first posts. (We are having some blog setup issues), but these will get worked out as time permits. When setup properly, your Free membership will allow access to "comments" and "post" sections of the blog. --a work in progress --

I've a few more features to activate. Please forgive any failed links or issues as we finish the conversion.


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Dream Home New Mexico V2.1 goes Live
07/22/2013 10:12 AM

Dream Home New Mexico

DHNM Software Update is scheduled to be completed on August 1, 2013.

We hope you enjoy the upgrades, and that you continue to visit us often.

The Search and current local Statistics, updated daily, remain prime offerings on the site, and the Search by (known) MLS Number allows folks the ability to verify whether listings are still active (or Sold or Withdrawn, etc.).

It's a great tool to go with old and stale data from "print" advertising (like The Real Estate Book) where data can be weeks and even months outdated. Very cool tool!!

The Blog won't get much admin / agent / broker useage, but your hosts do plan to post significant, useful, and important information here that may be  of help and interest to fans of Silver City Real Estate and Soutwest New Mexico living.

It's our pleasure to provide top level, quality, real estate services to friends, fans, customers, and clients.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you in anyway.


Real Living Hacienda Realty

800-368-5632 #17

575-388-2875 Home Office / Messages Line

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