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June Swoon or Monsoon... Bees n trees
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The recent rains were welcome and needed, and served to help soften the scorched earth and a few local attitudes. Both results are very welcome. More rain please.

According to the NM Calendar of Enchanted Events, it's still too early for the monsoon season to be upon us. It's a good start anyway. With something under an inch of rain in the last two days, many are obviously delighted

When will the true season arrive? Knowledgeable locals are waiting for arrival of the rufus hummer to make it official. Anyone seen one of these aggressive fast flyin' little birds at their "feeder"?












This is what veterans do when the season is Swoon Pre-Monsoon.....

A recent visit to a secret (sort of) treasue a short drive from town. A cool refreshing swim after a warm / hot springs pool session makes for an Ahhhhhhhhhh moment..


Neighborhood News.On the home front: A large family of immigrants moved into our back yard two weeks ago. They have set up housekeeping and plan to rear their children here. It's clear they picked the right real estate agent (REALTOR) and when they saw a great real estate opportunity, they grabbed it. Here's a photo of a couple of the migrant workers who have formally set up shop here. 

Disclaimer: The bees wanted a fixer upper.


Although there are plenty of fixers in our market, I have a good handle on quality homes where you can leave your tool belt packed. hehheh

I will help you find your personal version of Dream Home New Mexico too.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you in anyway..  ----aarcher-->

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