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Secure Authentisign now Available @ Dream Home New Mexico
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Instanet Solutions has gone live for SCRMLS participants this morning.

Dream Home New Mexico has effectively fired up Instanet and have successfully run the secure signing engine.

All Real Living Hacienda Realty and Dream Team Customers will have free access with our full range of complementary professional Realtor Services.

My first test drive was the Authentisign feature, and it works flawlessly.

We'll continue to be able to sign all our documents electronically 

BUT without the terminally long delay associated with the other offered program we used.

Very sweet addition to the Dream Home New Mexico service offering.

This upgraded service will certainly make all of our lives easier.

NO need to worry about missing an important deadline the next time you travel.

Looks like Ive got another "test" document in my inbox to initial.

More Later. Enjoy the new website, the new tools, and another great day.


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