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Wall Design. Not New and Not Mexico
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The Don's latest updated location for the new wall. (Spoof)

Have to keep those damn"New" Mexicans from raping and pillaging like the Old Mexicans do. The citizens of the USA demand protection from the enemy that lives nest door...Dumb Shit fror brains at the Top

Oh well. Hope folks get a better handle on US Geography (having a clue would help) than does our fearful leader.

Note from NM: In spite of what the X-governor states, we have no immediate crisis on our border.

Yet the administration insists: " Gotta have a steel wall or barrier of some kind.. Cause: MS13, rapists, terrorists, (non corporate mfg.) drugs, basically bad folks all around. Record apprehensions ahead. "

Gimme a beaded curtain. Shoiuld work about as well as a wall for stopping drug flow.

How do we get some help stopping the flow of corporate inspired legal drugs which have us reeling as a country?

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A Archer says:
Obviously Spoofing.... Sorry for having offended "you"...
01/10/2019 10:07 AM
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